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NO Drugs or DIE ?

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Drugs is a psychotropic compounds commonly used to anesthetize the patient when they want surgery or drugs for certain diseases. But now it is misinterpreted as a result of the perception outside of the designation and proper dosage. 1. Hallucinogens, the effects of drugs could result if taken in certain doses so may cause someone to be her hallucinations by looking at some things / objects that are not there / not real example cocaine & LSD 2. Stimulants, the effects of drugs that can cause body organs work like the heart and brain working faster than usual, resulting in a person's work is more powerful for a while, and tend to make a user more happy and excited for a while 3. Depressant, effects of drugs that can suppress the central nervous system and reduces the functional activity of the body, so the wearer feel calm even make users sleep and unconsciousness. For example putaw 4. Addictive, Someone who is taking drugs will usually want and want again because of certain substances in the drug resulted in a person tends to be passive, because the drug indirectly decide the nerves in the brain, such as marijuana, heroin, putaw If too long and had drug addiction then gradually in the body's organs will be damaged and if it exceeds the dose that users will overdose and ultimately death. drug is very dangerous for its users. at the beginning of usage, we will feel addicted and eventually we could with drug dependence. should, we do not do drugs. because the drugs can make us die. It all depends on you all. dead or not using drugs?

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How to green our earth :)

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Everyone can follow go green:
Starting from the yard of our house: we planted trees to absorb CO2 and O2 increase, let fresh and cool. We can also make biopori to reduce standing water to prevent flooding and to reduce household waste.
In the garage, We also can save water. When washing the car or motorcycle you should use the water in the bucket, not from the hose. Because if we compare the amount of water that we use with buckets only around 30 lt, while the hose can reach 100 liters. Then, avoid the use of motor vehicle if the mileage is not too far .. (Eg home pack RT, RW, stalls etc. to walk or ride a bike wrote.)
In the bedroom or den; Do not turn on electronic equipment that is not necessary. Unused electronic equipment do not we let in stand-by position. Aja Unplug from the wall socket, or use an existing socket of his on-off.
In the kitchen, do not over-use of cooking oil (palm persediannya the less you know.) Dispose of household rubbish in different bins for organic waste and inorganic waste.

What is the relationship of global warming with water supply?
First period of heat and rainy seasons occur every 6 months.
Now because of global warming rainy season occurs in short periods, the rest is summer.
As a result, today we are flooded rain season and our summer drought.
Bamboo as a wood substitute
The advantages of bamboo trees compared with other trees:
Bamboo trees absorb CO2 emissions and generate 35% more oxygen.
Using bamboo instead of wood helps to reduce deforestation.
Reduce power dissipation ...
When charging batteries megisi HP, only 5% of electrical energy that goes into Battery HP. The remaining 95% is wasted. This is because the technology is not energy-efficient HP charger.
Reduce wastage of electricity, immediately unplug the HP charger from the AC outlet if the battery is full.

6 This is often wrong about Global Warming.
The fact is:
1. Global warming is not caused by a building or home look in the mirror.
2. Global warming is not the same as ozone layer depletion
3. Cigarette smoke is not the cause of global warming, but one of the causes of air pollution.
4. Not enough by planting trees or ornamental plants to prevent global warming. The action to be done is to save electricity and reduce the use of motor vehicles.
5. Floods in Jakarta is a city planning mistakes, not because of global warming.
6. Global warming is not COOL!

10 things easy we can do to prevent global warming:
1.Ganti light bulbs with energy saving lamps.
2.Jangan allow electronic equipment are on stand-by position.
3.Jangan let more cold air temperature of 25 0C.
4.Biasakan walk or bike to travel short distances.
5.Kurangi use of paper.
6.Katakan NOT in plastic bags and Styrofoam.
7.Hindari buy bottled water. Bring your own bottle.
8.Kurangi shopping and avoid consuming imported products (imported products require a far more fuel in the distribution of goods).
9.Hindari linger in the bath to reduce water consumption.
10.Tanamlah trunked tree.

Another thing we can do:

* Avoid the use of straw .. it was made of plastic ..
* Do not use disposable chopsticks, if you need to bring your own chopsticks.

Tips for saving water while watering the plants.

* Use water from rainwater tanks.
* Use a sprayer.
* If using a hose, attach the nozzle / spray water flow to prevent water wastage.

Tips to save electricity in the refrigerator

* Check your refrigerator door by means of rubber slip of paper on the refrigerator door. If the paper falls means the door is not closed tightly. Immediately replace the rubber door refrigerator.
* Avoid storing food or beverages that are still hot into the fridge, because it will make the refrigerator work harder.
* Choose a refrigerator that did defrost automatically because the more energy efficient.
* For a refrigerator that does not have facilities for automatic defrost, do it manually defrost any ice flowers appear in freezer
* Choose a refrigerator the size to suit your needs, the greater the greater the wattage of his refrigerator.

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Cigarettes Killer Future !

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cigarettes are objects that can be deadly poisonous. cigarettes having a devastating effect for those who smoke. cigarettes contain harmful substances such as tar, nicotine, carbon monoxide, and so forth. cigarette smoke accelerate the occurrence of lung cancer, and irritation of the eye. Rooms also unlawful. because cigarettes can kill many people, both meroko and people around him. so, we should not smoke because if we smoke, we might as well kill themselves and others slowly. STOP CIGARETTE SMOKING BEFORE WE TURN OFF! AVOID SMOKING FOR our children!

Jumat, 31 Desember 2010

Climate Change !

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climate is the variation in temperature, evaporation, and wind over a certain period in months, even thousands of years. earth climate is strongly influenced by the heat balance on earth by radiation emitted by the sun. from all over the earth radiation, a third reflected back into space by Earth's atmosphere and surface.
Two-thirds of the radiation that is not reflected, the amount of about 240 Watt/m2, absorbed by the earth's surface and atmosphere. To maintain a balance of heat, the earth radiates back to the heat absorbed in the form of short-wave radiation. Some short-wave radiation emitted by Earth is absorbed by certain gases in the atmosphere are called greenhouse gases. Furthermore, the greenhouse gases radiate heat back to earth. This mechanism is called the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is what causes the earth's temperature is relatively warm with an average of 14oC, without the greenhouse effect the earth's temperature is only about-19oC.


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besides global warming, illegal logging must also be destroyed. illegal logging is the felling of trees without permission from the government. or tantamount to stealing the tree without permission. illegal logging is very much an impact to humans. World Bank data released since the year 1985-1997 shows that Indonesia has lost about 1.5 million hectares of forest each year and an estimated 20 million remaining production forests. illegal logging occurs because of increased demand for wood in the international market. given the impact is also very much. including:
1. occurrence of floods and landslides.
2. reduction in spring in the forest
3. reduction in the fertile soil layer
4. destruction of fauna and flora

illegal logging can also cause death. landslides can accumulate a lot of people, flooding that can wash away people, and so forth. should, we should not cut down trees at random. if we cut down trees, then we must do revegetation (reforestation).

Sabtu, 18 September 2010


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like other disasters, global warming is very dangerous for our earth. not only climate change, global warming can also kill our grandchildren will live on this earth. Global warming is a disaster that might be prevented. global warming prevention can be done by planting and maintaining trees all around us. should be, we are also not allowed to do illegal logging because it can reduce the amount of oxygen in the earth. if a lot of illegal logging happens, then the oxygen in the earth will be polluted. global warming can also be prevented by eliminating carbon. carbon dioxide removed by injecting gas into oil wells. so that our grandchildren can experience life on earth without any disturbance even. "stop global warming for our grandchildren"

Please, stop global warming !

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Global warming is the process of increasing the average temperature of the atmosphere, ocean, and the Earth's land. the possibility that global warming is causing increased concentrations of greenhouse gases.

some impacts of global warming are:
1. Unstable climate
2. sea level rise
Three. Global temperatures tend to increase
4. ecological disturbance
5. social and political impact

of these impacts, we know that global warming is very dangerous. Earth may become extinct because of global warming. we should be concerned with the environment around us. so the earth can be sustained for the future of our grandchildren. "STOP GLOBAL WARMING AND KEEP OUR EARTH"

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