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NO Drugs or DIE ?

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Drugs is a psychotropic compounds commonly used to anesthetize the patient when they want surgery or drugs for certain diseases. But now it is misinterpreted as a result of the perception outside of the designation and proper dosage. 1. Hallucinogens, the effects of drugs could result if taken in certain doses so may cause someone to be her hallucinations by looking at some things / objects that are not there / not real example cocaine & LSD 2. Stimulants, the effects of drugs that can cause body organs work like the heart and brain working faster than usual, resulting in a person's work is more powerful for a while, and tend to make a user more happy and excited for a while 3. Depressant, effects of drugs that can suppress the central nervous system and reduces the functional activity of the body, so the wearer feel calm even make users sleep and unconsciousness. For example putaw 4. Addictive, Someone who is taking drugs will usually want and want again because of certain substances in the drug resulted in a person tends to be passive, because the drug indirectly decide the nerves in the brain, such as marijuana, heroin, putaw If too long and had drug addiction then gradually in the body's organs will be damaged and if it exceeds the dose that users will overdose and ultimately death. drug is very dangerous for its users. at the beginning of usage, we will feel addicted and eventually we could with drug dependence. should, we do not do drugs. because the drugs can make us die. It all depends on you all. dead or not using drugs?

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